Althingi: One Will Rise
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Chieftain: Althingi Game + Coin + Mat

Your family roots run deep in the land of Ice and Fire. No one can hope to claim power over you and your kinsman with your ALTHINGI GAME + LIMITED EDITION 1.5" LAWSPEAKER COIN + PREMIUM 2MM 12x24: NEOPRENE ALTHINGI GAME MAT + ALL STRETCH GOAL UPGRADES AND EXPANSIONS. 

Althingi Base Game

Althingi is a quick set-up, fast-play game of strength and influence for 2-4 players based in Viking-Age Iceland. Each player takes on the role of a powerful Chieftain and tries to take control of the annual gathering known as the Althingi through bribery, coercion, and intimidation.

Althingi Lawspeaker Coin (Limited Edition 1.5")

A limited edition metal coin.

Althingi Game Mat (Premium 2MM 16.5" x 24")

A limited edition neoprene mat to be used for the play board!

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