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Total War

The Air Flix Core Game, both the El Alamein & Dunkirk Battle Packs & all appropriate stretch goals. 

Air Flix - Battle of Britain

Air Flix Core Game and all appropriate stretch goals.

Multi language:  English, German, French & Spanish.

Battle Pack - El Alamein

Relive the epic tank battle at El Alamein with Annihilation Mode. Both sides use a combination of fighters and bombers to obliterate the opposing player's tanks!  

The El Alamein battle pack contains:

  • The El Alamein 3’ x 3’ battle mat, 
  • 3 Hawker Hurricanes 
  • 3 Junkers Ju 87 (Stukas) 
  • 6 pilot cards 
  • Bombing map & scenario rules for Annihilation Mode.
Battle Pack - Dunkirk

Be part of one of the pivotal moments of modern military history with Evacuation Mode. Allied forces are desperately trying to get home, with Spitfire squadrons providing cover overhead but quickly running out of fuel, how many lives can they save?  

The Dunkirk battle pack contains:  

  • The Dunkirk 3’ x 3’ battle mat 
  • 1 battle damaged Heinkel he 111 
  • 1 fuel tracker board 
  • Bombing map & scenario rules for Evacuation Mode.
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