Phoenix Point

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Digital Download Edition

Digital downloadable edition of Phoenix Point.

Pre-Order $30.00

Digital Extras Edition

Digital edition of the game plus soundtrack, art book, your name in the credits and early access to game play from Q1 2018.

Pre-Order $40.00

Luxury Digital Edition

Exclusive in-game content for backers - customizable armor built from alien body parts and alien 'living' guns. Make your soldiers stand out from the crowd.

Pre-Order $50.00

Soldier Roster Edition

Your name (or the name of your choice) will be included in the game's main procedural generation pool for naming squad members. Includes everything in the Luxury Digital Edition.

Pre-Order $75.00

Collectors Edition

High-quality and exclusive collector's edition box for Phoenix Point, with manual, art book and key ring. Includes all previous digital rewards.

Pre-Order $105.00

Signed Collectors Edition
444 of 446 Left

Exclusive collector's edition box, signed by key members of the team, for the collector who wants to own a piece of history - plus T-shirt and poster.

Pre-Order $250.00

Figurine Edition
235 of 235 Left

A limited edition high quality alien figurine, exclusive to backers, plus previous rewards.

Pre-Order $500.00

Immortalization Edition: Haven Leader
16 of 16 Left

Work with our team to create a haven leader (one of the key NPCs in the game). You can model him/her after yourself, or create something original.

Pre-Order $1,500.00

Immortalization Edition: Weapon Engineer
25 of 25 Left

You are a famous weapon designer. Your initials will be engraved on a weapon type, and your name will be in the weapon description as the engineer who designed and created it. You will also be able to add a brief personal quotation to the weapon description. You will get a choice of which weapon you wish to be the โ€œweapon engineerโ€, on a first-come, first-served basis (earlier backers get first choice). Includes all previous rewards.

Pre-Order $1,500.00

Immortalization Edition: Double
9 of 9 Left

Both Immortalization Edition rewards at a discounted price, along with all previous rewards.

Pre-Order $2,500.00

Founder Edition
4 of 4 Left

Be a Phoenix Founder: Spend a day with the Snapshot Games team at our offices in Sofia for a mix of brainstorming, dining, drinks and board games. Includes the Immortalization Edition: Double Pack. You are responsible for your own travel costs and arrangements, but we will assist with suggestions.

Pre-Order $4,000.00
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